Guest Post: The FI Journey of a Millennial Boss

Noah: Today, I’m excited to bring you an amazing story of a side-hustling master on the journey to financial independence. After meeting at FinCon San Diego way back in 2016, we quickly became good friends and would often meet up in Seattle with our significant others to indulge in some deep dish pizza. J never […]

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When Savings Rate Becomes Useless

In the pursuit of financial independence, tracking your numbers is one of the most important habits you can get into. Great numbers to keep track of include income, spending, debt, net worth, and more. Each item helps you stay on track towards your goals, see progress in real time, and project into the future what […]

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Starting the Next Chapter

After quitting our jobs to take a Gap Year at the beginning of 2018, Becky and I spent a full year traveling around the country. It was an absolutely amazing experience where we visited over 100 cities, met up with numerous friends and family, and added over 24,000 miles to our little hatchback’s odometer. We […]

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Hotel Stats from a Year on the Road

Having recently wrapped up a year-long adventure that took us all over the country and beyond, I wanted to share some of our lodging stats from the last 12 months. We stayed in a variety of different places, but as you may have gleaned from the title, the majority were in spent in hotels. Thanks […]

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Gap Year Week 52: Back to Reality

One year ago, my wife and I set out on an amazing adventure across the country. After a handful of years working full time and saving money towards our goal of financial independence (FI), we decided to leverage some of that financial freedom ahead of our ultimate goal. Therefore, we quit our jobs to take […]

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